York House Foods, Shannon Place, Potton, Beds SG19 2YH, United Kingdom
What we do
We are leaders in bespoke food manufacturing for foodservice and B2B markets

Working collaboratively with our customers, we look to add value to them through innovative products or processes. Our experienced commercial, development and technical teams engage cross functionally to truly understand the needs and requirements of our customers. We have over 50 years in these two dynamic and demanding sectors allowing us to remain responsive and agile to these challenges. 

The company has been built over the years through innovation, be that in product or process. This means that we have invested in equipment that supports the vision. In the factory we have multiple different processes that allow us to truly be a one stop shop for our customers.


Steam Cooking & Baking/Roasting
IQF tunnel (Raw and Cooked)
Precision slicing equipment
Pulled Meats
Natural Cold Smoking
Meatball forming
Sausage processing
Tumbling and marinating
Brining and curing
50 years in food
50 Years in Foodservice
Customers at the Heart
Innovation Culture