Innovation driven by opportunity

Your competitive success relies upon innovation and responsiveness to customer demands and expectations. You can depend on York House to be proactive in providing you with new ideas, and to respond quickly to your own requirements for new products.

With pork rapidly re-establishing itself as a favourite, and an increasing focus on provenance and healthy diets, we are continuously reviewing and refining our menu of products to give you the options you need.

Innovation driven by opportunity
Innovation driven by opportunity

Bespoke development

We operate across three major industry sectors - manufacturing, food service and retail - and this breadth of experience and knowledge gives you a vast resource of innovation and inventiveness to work with. Most of our products have been developed in response to specific requests and we are at our best when working with our customers to find the next big seller for them.

Our commitment to transparent provenance, our EFSIS accreditation and our long heritage of quality and service set us apart as dynamic, dependable partners in innovation.


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